New  Lenovo Yoga Book 12.2-Inch Specs And Price Review

New Lenovo Yoga Book 12.2-Inch Specs And Price Review

New Lenovo Yoga Book 12.2-Inch Specs And Price Review

New  Lenovo Yoga Book 12.2-Inch Specs And Price Review
There are times when size does matter and times when it doesn’t. There are even more times when bigger doesn’t mean better. Like this still unannounced Lenovo Yoga Book that popped up at Amazon. Sporting a larger, laptop-size 12.2-inch display, this convertible sports many of the features its famed predecessor has but none of its portability. And in some cases, the larger model does even worse than the original Lenovo Yoga Book.

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Despite having a larger 12.2-inch screen, this Yoga Book’s pixel resolution has been knocked down significantly to 1280×800 HD. RAM has also been halved from 4 to 2 GB. Because of the size, change, the Yoga Book seems to have eschewed the watch band style hinge that Lenovo is so proud of for two regular, 360-degree hinges.

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Thankfully, the 12.2-inch Yoga Book is mostly similar to the 10.1-inch one in terms of features, like the Same Intel Atom x5-Z8550. There’s also, of course, the Halo Keyboard and Create Pad that is the defining features of this tablet. That sadly means it also inherits the flaws of the smaller model, like the lack of a USB-C port

While the Yoga Book was hailed as one of the sleekest and lightest convertibles to come our way, this larger incarnation doesn’t share in that distinction, at 10.9 mm thick and more than 1 kg heavy. It makes up for that with a larger 10,500 mAh battery that is promised to give at most 15 hours of battery life.

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The Lenovo Yoga Book 12.2 YB-Q501F does have one thing over its smaller siblings. It’s a lot cheaper, which is as it should be, given the compromises. The Android version costs $299.99, almost half the 10.1-inch model with the same OS.

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